Thursday, 16 March 2017

Effective Communication, Better Science (14.3.2017)

Borneo Bulletin covered this story.

Normasturina binti Ibrahim explained on "Antibiotic Apocalypse" as she emerged as the best presenter for the 3rd Youth Science Symposium held at the Tutong Sixth Form Centre (PTE Tutong).

In second place was Nur Syakirah Naqibah binti Muhammad Nasif who talked abotu multiple personality disorder and Lina Amizah binti Isa was just a single point behind, in third place, with a talk about Schizophrenia.

Saturday, 11 March 2017

PTET academic excellence celebrated (11.3.2017)

Borneo Bulletin covered the story.

This year, the school has maintained about the same attainment as the previous year, attaining 85.03% for 2 A-Levels and above and 96.41% of last year's candidates had scored at least an A-Level. 

Bahasa Melayu, Economics and Usuluddin attained 100% A-Level passes, while five other disciplines obtained above 89% A-Level passes - Chemistry, Mathematics, Applied ICT, Physics and Psychology. Of these, Bahasa Melayu, Usuluddin, Economics and Applied ICT also ranked top amongst the sixth form centres nationwide.

Teo Zhi Perng, with 3 A* in Maths, Physics and Chemistry bagged the Most Outstanding Academic Excellence Award 2016. Another two students, Arzree Anak Francis and Mar Rohadatul 'Aisy binti Umar also scored 3 A*/A in the same three subjects.

Teo Zhi Perng, a top scorer with three grades A*/A

Arzree Anak Francis, a top scorer with three grades A*/A

Mar Rohadatul Aisy Umar, a top scorer with three grades A*/A

Faiz Zailani, one of the students scoring 300 tariff points and above

Imanuddin Mahyuddin, one of the students scoring 300 tariff points and above

Teo Zhi Perng delivered his valedictorian speech
Arzree Anak Francis, winner of Hadion's Mathematics Excellence Award 2016 
Academic high-flyers from PTET Class of 2015/2016 with School Administration Team and parents

Academic high-flyers from PTET Class of 2015/2016

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

BGCE A Levels 2016 Academic Awards Ceremony Recipients

BGCE A Levels 2016 Academic Awards Ceremony will be held at PTET Hall on Saturday 11 March 2017, starting at 7.30am

The following are the list of recipients based on their class list 2016

U6 -1
Muhammad Amirul bin Maidin
Teo Zhi Perng
Asqina Nur Aiman binti Haji Noh
Faiz bin Zailani
Akhimullah Farhan bin Zaini
Nazihah Wardahyani binti Abas
Amal Nasriah Masri
Alex Brandon Wong Tze Loong
Nur Adlina Hj Azman
Yasmeen Pilian
Fatin Fikriyah Haji Rosli
Joshua Chong Ze Hao
Dk Afniza Nadiera binti Pg Apni

Muhammad Wafiy Fikri bin Ariffin
Hjh Nur Baizurah binti Hj Suhamin
Izzati Hanani binti Hj Ali Jafri
Nur Hazirah binti Zulkafli
Nur Liyana Wafiah binti Juhari
Ahmad Imanuddin Hj Ahmad Mahyudin
Muhd Zaim Ramli
Siti Najwa Najihah Ghazali
Ak Abdul Mu’az Pg Zamanul Alam Omar Ali Mohamed
Arzree Francis
Vanessa Deba Duwat
Muhd Luqmanulhakim Hj Muhd Aidil Sufian
Muhd Yusri Juppry
Muhd Haziq Syazwani Ahmadyani
Md Hafiz Awang Jumat
Syasya Qasrina Nor Aidil
Salihah Sawal
Masadina Sambong
Wadihah Hj Zaini
Matt Dennis Matrantis

Mohd Afif Rusydi Hj Mohd Kartolo
Nuraniqah Nazirah Azhar
Iddi Nordin
Muhd Sallehin Muhd Zakwan
Rohadatul Nazurah Norariffin
Mastura Awang Asmat
Qurratulaini Nurfatin Zulkapli

Nur Hazimah Yahya
Muhd Rafid Siadam
Abdul Wafi Abdul Kani
Adlina Najimah Hj Burhanuddin
Alaiizzah Amal Aqillah Mohd Azri
Muhd Khairul Azizan Haji Bahrum
Mohd Shahril Nizam Hj Md Deli
Norman Streaker
Muhd Zul Na’im Rajami
Muhd Amirul Hakim Hamid

Mohd Zaihairol Afiq Hj Zainuddin
Annie Mazuana Samsudin
Ahmad Syahmi Salim
Muhd Syazlin Shahminan
Muhd Syafi’in Suhaimy
Nor Syahirah Ismail
Nur Farizah Hazimah Mohd Haszman
Nurul Farzana Hj And Ghafar
Nurizyan Hazirah Mohd Taib
See Hui Mei
Alfi Sufinah Sofian
Nur Fadzliah Ishak

Muhd Hariz Sawal
Amanina Ramlli
Ani’Afifah Musa
Nur Fadillah Adwaa Akbar
Nurul Afiqah Mohd Fahire
Nur Amirah Atikah Hj Puasa
Nurul Farhanah Alikhan
Nurshaqilah Ahmad Shah
Irsalina Syakirah Mohd Iqbal

Mar Rohadatul ‘Aisy Umar
Jainuur Jihan Kamilah Hj Jalani
Maimunah Fa’izun Hj And Rahman
Muhd Faris Aliani
Muhd Afif Raziq Muhd Sofian
Abdul Matin Hj Abdul Karim
Muhd Rusydi Roslan
Nameera Al-Iman Mohd Bakri
Mohd Isam Ariffin Sari
Muhd Reza Faizuren Shakespear
Arina Zawanah Azahrin
Nur Fatin Amirah Musa

Abdul Fatin Mohd Sharji
Muhd Hilmi Nasrullah Abdullah Gillin
Nur ‘Amirah Zahirah Md Zunaidi
Azlyana Syahirah Ibrahim
Lee Kuan Fu
Nur Razanah Abdul Rajak
Muhd Akmal Adnan
Haffizan Yanchoi

Friday, 3 March 2017

PTET Celebrates Long-Service Physics Tutor Set for Retirement - 2.3.2017

Mr Chu Ing Chin, or affectionately known as Mr Chu, by colleagues and students, past and present, has been teaching in Brunei since 1996 for a collective total of 21 years. About a decade were spent teaching Physics at Sufri Bolkiah Secondary School, Tutong before he joined the then newly-initiated sixth form centre in Tutong district, Sayyidina Othman Secondary school in 2005 and subsequently moved to its present site, the Tutong Sixth Form Centre (PTET) in late 2012.

After spending over two decades of educating Bruneian students on Physics, Mr Chu has experienced how the face of education has changed in recent years. Not only will his subject expertise be highly missed, his mentorship, camaraderie and optimism have been equally invaluable to all colleagues.

However, in an emotional afternoon of farewell between colleagues, students and him, messages poured in well in advance from his former students who are now successful in various careers including health sciences, engineers and more importantly, teachers as well.

BruDirect and Borneo Bulletin covered this story.

Below are excerpts of messages from his former students, some of whom have now become colleagues, who continues to benefit from his wisdom and advice after many years of teaching.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

PTET concludes 3-day Lower 6 Orientation Programme (1.3.2017)

On 1 March 2017, the closing ceremony of Lower 6 Orientation was held at the PTET Hall. This year, the theme is Bollywood showcase with different Lower 6 squads performed to songs and music from Bollywood.

Monday, 27 February 2017

PTET YSF2017 is recruiting!

Any Lower Sixth 2017/2018 is eligible and highly encouraged to apply for any positions advertised to explore previously unexplored opportunities.

Further information on PTET Youth Science Forum (YSF) is available here.

Get in touch with Mr Onn or any members of YSF2016 to register names.